Traffic Management Plans

Traffic management plans in New Zealand must comply with the relevant regulations and guidelines as required by the relevant Road Controlling Authority (RCA): either the local Council or Waka Kotahi (NZTA) if they manage the road in question.

A traffic management plan (TMP) is a document that outlines the measures that will be put in place to manage traffic around a work site, event or road closure. The plan includes details such as traffic and pedestrian control measures, traffic diversions, speed limits, and signage as well as details on how these will be installed and removed. Without and approved TMP an STMS cannot set up a site.


So, do you need a TMP?

If you are planning to do anything that impacts the road corridor (from the property boundary on one side of a road to property boundary on the other side), then you need an approved TMP, before you start work.

Considerations that impact the TMP include:

  • The nature of the works being undertaken, the time of day and how long will they take
  • The number of vehicles using a particular road. Is it an arterial route? Are there suitable detours?
  • Pedestrians (including prams, wheelchairs, scooters, impaired sight and mobility)
  • Cyclists and cycle lanes
  • If there are schools, rest-homes or medical facilities in the vicinity
  • If there are other works booked or underway in that area

You can see why we ask so many questions at the planning stage.

It's important to note that a TMP must be developed by a qualified and competent traffic management planner or supervisor. At STMSnz, we have a team of traffic management planners who are trained and experienced in developing and implementing Traffic Management Plans that comply with all relevant regulations and guidelines.

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